5 Ways to Make Essay Conclusion Worth Recalling

I believe the hardest part about writing essay is ending it. There is so much left to say and only several lines available. How to end your story for it to be complete and impressive? Below there are tips that might help.

Back to the beginning

Now when you’ve approached the end of your story, go back to the start. If you began your essay with a dialogue and left this conversation incomplete, you may close it in concluding paragraph. Or you opened your essay with a description of some object. Talk about it at the end of the story. But be careful not to repeat the introduction. This technique works well if you think it over from the start.

Catch the moment and end there

Any story is like a swing. The action rises, and the swing goes up. When it falls, the swing goes down. To end your essay in the most powerful way you should catch the swing when it’s up in the air, at its highest pitch. Even if it seems too early to end the story, don’t go further. Stop at the right moment. This may be you calling someone. Or conversation breaking down unexpectedly. No matter whether it will be some pleasant event or a tense moment, it’s all about making the reader want more.

Paint an image… with words

Or, to put it simply, describe something. Description is like no other technique can render author’s mood or the mood of the story. It’s kind of foolproof. However, many students find it tough to describe something. Well, it’s all about language mastery and how expanded your vocabulary is. Ending essay with description only works well when you have grown your vocabulary wide enough to have no difficulties describing full gamut of emotions.

End with conversation

However, there is one tricky thing about ending your essay with a dialogue. You can’t use this technique in conclusion if it hasn’t been used in your story before. It would look strange to have nobody talking until the end of the story. So if you’ve chosen conversation for your conclusion, make sure you have it throughout the text.

Say what’s on your mind

Once again about feelings. You may end your essay with your thoughts about what’s going on or what has happened. This is a great way to add clarity to the story and comment on your personal experience.

Actually, you may use any technique to close your essay. The main thing is that it should leave no reader indifferent. That’s all your conclusion needs to be a memorable one.