5 UK Universities to Satisfy All Students’ Requirements

Choosing university may feel like the hardest and most responsible decision in your life. If you’ve got a high passing score, chances are you may be accepted to any university. But that doesn’t make the choice of an ideal establishment any easier.

You must be dreaming of entering a reputable university with intense training program, moderate tuition fees and rich social student life. Did I mention everything? Oh, nearly forgot. Living costs should be quite manageable as well.

If you think that university that would combine all these advantages doesn’t exist, be ready to jump of joy. Based on students’ reviews, there have been selected 5 UK universities that are perfect in every way.

# 5. University of Glasgow

To start with, University of Glasgow has always been among top UK establishments. Academically, it’s one of the strongest ones in England with powerful research opportunities and strong teaching staff. Socially, it’s also a perfect environment where you can make friends, join lots of clubs and explore best city’s attractions. But what you will definitely appreciate about it is that Glasgow graduates earn good salaries about £26.000. That’s impressive, isn’t it?

# 4. Newcastle University

Most students who have studied at Newcastle University rate it very highly, and that’s for a reason. For one thing, Newcastle offers research opportunities of global significance. Almost all its research areas got world recognition.

Secondly, students who study at Newcastle Uni enjoy outstanding learning facilities like Library staffed with millions of books and the largest collection of e-books available 24/7.
For the third, it has an advantageous location, both in terms of national connection and social life opportunities. Newcastle is the capital of the North England, which means there is a wide choice of clubs, restaurants combined with breath-taking waterfront views. Among everything else, Newcastle University enters top 20 establishments most hunted by employers.

# 3. Durham University

Almost 90% of students studying in Durham said they were completely satisfied with their choice. Sure thing! Durham has a wide range of courses each one matching up-to-date developments. Wherever you come from, at Durham University you will be warmly welcomed and given strong support throughout studies. Social life never gets boring. Students at this university have access to lots of clubs, bars and shopping facilities which are one of the cheapest across the island.

# 2. University of Bath

Students’ satisfaction rate grows as we move on. Our next stop is the University of Bath where the number of happy freshers rises beyond 90%. Bath is continuously ranked among top UK universities as one of the most research-intensive places. Its research excellence is globally admitted.

Its other strengths are study and social life facilities. Annually university invests millions of pounds in improving the campus. Here is what they’ve done so far: new teaching building, arts building and various studios to match all students’ talents.

As for the cost, tuition fees are kept low all the time regardless of the placement periods. But what’s even more tempting about Bath is that most of its graduates get top-level jobs right after they leave campus territory.

# 1. Loughborough University

The safe leader of this ranking is Loughborough University. It has scored high in lots of the categories student find very important. It can boast of excellence in teaching and research. One of the strongest points about Loughborough is sport. In 2014, it was named university of the year for sport.

But aside from having a strong training program, Loughborough has exciting social life created both by student community and teaching staff.

On top of all the merits, Loughborough’s graduates get easily employed and earn on average £21,000.

Now you know, there are dream universities to match your requirements. I reckon you’ve already chosen the one for you. Good luck with your admission.